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FoodChecker for WA Schools

The FreshSNAP team has launched FoodChecker to support schools, residential colleges and boarding houses in creating and implementing a menu that ensures students have access to nutritious food and drink options and are empowered to make positive, healthy choices. Once you have used FoodChecker you can be confident that your menu meets the gold-standard in healthy nutrition for growing kids.


How does FoodChecker help?

With FoodChecker you can:

  • get immediate feedback on products, recipes and menus.
  • find healthier products.
  • save your favourite recipes and products.

Who can access FoodChecker?

FreshSNAP believe that everyone should have equal support in making healthy choices. FoodChecker is completely FREE and funded by theĀ  Department of Health Western Australia. FoodChecker is available to all WA school canteen managers, caterers and cooks as well as residential college cooks and food provision staff.

FoodChecker will have a staged release, with the Product Search feature available now.

Menu and recipe assessments will be available soon. If you would like your menu or recipes assessed now, simply contact the freshSNAP team.