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Has the Healthy Food and Drink Policy changed since 2022?

The Healthy Food and Drink Policy, including the policy requirements for ‘green’, ‘amber’, and ‘red’ food and drinks in school canteens has not changed.

How can I access traffic light training?

Traffic Light Training is available via an online webinar or face-to-face. To register, email or call (08) 6182 2260

How can I access food safety training?

Food handler training can be accessed for free from most local councils by searching food safety programs, or through ‘Do Food Safely’ Alternatively, Environmental Health Australia offers food safety training for a small fee.

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How can I access menu assessments?

Menu assessments are available by contacting the FreshSNAP team via email at or by calling (08) 6182 2260 Later this year an exciting online tool called FoodChecker will be launched. FoodChecker will enable anyone to assess their own menu against the WA Policy criteria. Training on how to use Foodchecker will be provided.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the criteria of a food product or menu item?

Free phone and email support for implementing the Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools Policy (HFD Policy) is available from the FreshSNAP team at or call (08) 6182 2260.

What is Nutrition Australia?

Nutrition Australia is the nation’s leading nutrition non­ profit organisation providing credible, independent and practical nutrition information, education and business­ to-business consultation and advisory services to help Australians achieve optimal health through good nutrition. Our experienced nutritionists and dietitians collaborate with health organisations, governments, universities and other key organisations to influence public health nutrition policy and make healthy eating the ‘norm’ in our Community.

Who can I contact if I have a question about a curriculum resources or lesson plan?

Free phone and email support is available for implementing the curriculum resources and lesson plans from the FreshSNAP team at or call (08) 6182 2260.

Where should I start?

It might seem like there are a lot of changes. FreshSNAP has put together a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to support you through these changes. You can access the guide here. 

Remember, the friendly freshSNAP team are just a phone call or email away. The team is here to support you and your school in creating healthy food and drink environments. You can contact us by calling (08) 6182 2260 or emailing 

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