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The humble sandwich sure has had a lot of press lately!

We can’t deny that sandwiches are super practical; you can make them in advance, you can prepare them in bulk and pack them with delicious and nutritious fillings.  

Kids love a sandwich and it’s a great option at lunchtime.  

Packed with essential nutrients, a well-crafted sandwich can be a cornerstone of a child’s balanced diet. Let’s explore some creative and nutritious sandwich fillings that will not only tantalise young taste buds but also contribute to their overall well-being. 

Lean Proteins: The Foundation of Strength 

Start with a strong foundation by incorporating lean proteins into sandwiches, like slow-cooked chicken or tuna.  These proteins are rich in essential amino acids that support muscle growth and development. Additionally, they provide a steady release of energy, keeping children fuelled throughout the day. 

Colourful Crunch: Veggies Galore 

Introduce a burst of colour and essential nutrients by incorporating a variety of vegetables. Crunchy cucumber slices, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and colourful capsicums not only enhance the sandwich’s texture but also contribute essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre.  

Dairy Delights: Calcium for Strong Bones 

Incorporate dairy to ensure that children get the necessary calcium for strong bones and teeth. Cream cheese or Greek yoghurt are great sandwich ingredients; after slow-cooking chicken, you can use full fat yoghurt and chopped herbs as a dressing. These options provide a creamy texture while offering probiotics for gut health. Grated full fat cheese is a fantastic and delicious option for toasted sandwiches.  

Whole Grain Goodness: Fibre for Digestive Health 

Using wholegrain, wholemeal or fibre-enriched white bread will increase the nutritional value of the sandwich. Whole grains provide essential fibre, promoting healthy digestion and maintaining steady energy levels.  

Egg-cellent Choices: Protein and More 

Hard-boiled eggs or egg mayonnaise can provide an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients like choline, which supports brain development. Eggs are versatile, making them a go-to option for a nutritious sandwich filling. 

Crafting a healthy and appealing sandwich involves a thoughtful combination of nutrient-dense ingredients. By incorporating lean proteins, colourful vegetables, dairy elements, whole grains, fruits, and eggs, you can create sandwiches that not only tantalize taste buds but also support children’s growth and development. 

If you have a hit sandwich, contact us today and have your recipe featured on our website!  

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